is it the noise of a type-writer

                   on the third floor?

                   or is it a pegion

                   scratching the window sill

                   on the second?

     no: these are women walking outside

                   I`m going home

                   the day is warm -

                   the spring has put

                   green cobwebs on the trees -

                   and has gone

                   it`s summer already

                   that`s what it is in reality

                   and the pigeon is scratching

                   the window sill  .

















           I remembered suddenly the road

                   by which I`d come

       to this world in my childhood

                   oh... it`s wonderful

    I`m waiting for a chance to go back

                   it is so fascinating to walk

       by this gloomy road once again

       as I remember evenings mostly

                   and a nice chance to go away  .























                   if you keep walking

                   you`ll see a cemetry

                   of violet-grey flowers

         don`t be afraid,you`ll be fascinated

                   and besides you can see there

                   yellow crosses  .


















                   for the first time

                   I talked easily

                   as if I talked to myself

                   who is far-away

                   and deep inside me

         I was under the skies of the piano

                   he was in the thickets

                   of the string exhaling light

                   but isn`t it strange!

                   this man has flown

                   across the Pacific Ocean

                   from another world

                   it was Mathew Owens

                   but not me 












* * * * translation by  


         Tania Lee



















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